Speaker Biography

Louis Caze

CEO, Centre Louis Caze, France


Louis Caze

Louis Caze  Professional experience in oncology circles, supported by multiple collaborations with major hospitals, allowed Louis Caze to benefit from a reference fame as an Expert Support Care. First, Specialist lymphatic, muscular and circulatory Louis Cazemakes the total body approach his chosen field. It captures the benefits of physical-mental balance in the treatment of chronic diseases, and specializes in supportive care dedicated to cancer diseases. His collaboration with renowned organizations such as the Institute Gustave Roussy, was punctuated with exceptional professional and human experience. Louis Caze is involved in implementing a comprehensive approach to cancer patient, in a real project of care that optimizes patient's quality of life, ensuring the different key aspects of health: the well physical and psychological, but also the entire social and family interactions. After these experiences, Louis Caze work for the development of Support Care, including the management of pain and psychology.


What is supportive care?

Support care means all care and support that can be offered to a person suffering from cancer, alongside specific treatments to cure his disease such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. They aim to reduce the impact of disease and treatment. For this, a team of professionals specialized in very different fields put their skills available to patients to help them cope with this difficult time.

The support can be offered care during and after treatment of the disease but also when the cancer treatments have no effect. They adapt to the needs of patients and their families.

What needs do they meet?

The disease affects all aspects of daily life.

The needs that may occur are numerous.

support care can meet some of these needs:

• primarily to control the symptoms related to the disease or its treatment

• in case of physical or psychological suffering

• to break isolation

• to learn to live with the physical consequences imposed sometimes disease

• to resume normal course of his life and benefit from the best possible living conditions, and that whatever the chances of recovery

• for many other reasons, each patient with the needs of its own.

Being listened,to feel supported

Prevent pain

Food: a pleasure and a need

Staying in tune with her body

A new impetus to social life