Cancer Metastasis

Metastasis is the complex series of step in which cancer cell leave the original tumour site and migrate to distant location in the body . Metastasis is the inefficient process. Most of the cancer cell will die during the process. It helps to determine staging and treatment. Angiogenesis is the critical step for cancer metastasis. The body resist metastasis by variety of mechanism through the action of class of proteins called "Metastasis Suppressor". Most tumour and neoplasm will metastasize. The degree of ability to metastasize  varies between different types of cancers.For example, bladder cancer that metastasizes to the liver is not liver cancer. It is called metastatic bladder cancer.  

  • Track 1-1 Tumour Adipose Tissue Cross Talk
  • Track 2-2 SOCE In Cancer Metastasis
  • Track 3-3 Role Of DDR
  • Track 4-4 IL-1 & IL-2 Regulatory Pathway

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