Cancer Stem Cell

 Cancer stem  cell play a important role in cancer initiation and progression. CSC characterized by self renewal and capacity to differentiate. The particular population of cancer stem cell are Mesenchymal stem cell they have potential pro and anti-tumourgenic properties and it is associated with tumorigenesis. The interaction between MSC's and cancer cell is the fundamental for metastasis and progression.The discovery of tumor stem cells in a range of cancers has created opportunities for researchers to identify rare cells in both solid tumors and hematologic cancers, as well as to investigate the role of these cells at different stages of disease.

  • Track 1-1 Role Of CD44 & CSC
  • Track 2-2 ALDH Activity Assay
  • Track 3-3 Therapeutic Potential Of MSC
  • Track 4-4 CSC In Tissue Generation
  • Track 5-5 Clinical Oncology

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